Whitmer affirms testimony of BOM plates in public.

Feb 15, 1878
I. C. Funn
Scribed Summary

John Whitmer, Discourse, ca. January 1878, in Saints' Herald 25, no. 4 (February 15, 1878): 57.

I. C. Funn
O. P. Worden, John Whitmer, I. C. Funn
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Bro O. P. Worden sends us a Kingston (Missouri) Sentinel, in which we find the following notice of a discourse by Elder John Whitmer. Mr. I. C. Funn may see some fun that will make him "laugh out loud of the other side of his mouth," as the saying is, when the comparison asked for by Elder Whitmer is made. We are glad to learn that Elder Whitmer is in the field:

"We were down to the Whitmer school-house to preaching on the last Sabbath at eleven o'clock. Mr. John Whitmer delivered the discourse. It will be remembered by a great many readers, that Mr. Whitmer is one of the only two now living that helped (were witnesses) to the translation of the Book of Mormon, or generally known as the Mormon Bible. Mr. Whitmer is considered a truthful, honest and law abiding citizen by this community, and consequently, his appointment [to preach] drew out a large audience. Mr. Whitmer stated that he had often handled the identical golden plates which Mr. Smith received from the angel, he said it was of pure gold, part of the book was sealed up solid, the other part was open and it was this part which was translated, and is termed to-day the Mormon Bible. This is the first time Mr. Whitmer has attempted to preach for a good many years; and time, who waits for no one, has written many a furrow upon his brow. He is upwards of sixty years old, and gave some good advice to both old and young. Before closing he asked the audience if they would take the Book of Mormon and the Bible and compare them, and to take Paul's rule, 'To prove all things and hold fast to that which is good,' in comparing them.

I. C. Funn."

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