Martin Harris is recounted as teaching that he did see the plates in the same way his audience could see his hands by William Glen.

May 30, 1943
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William Glen
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C. Frank Steele, "Harris Testimony Recalled Canadian Tells Of Seeing Witness," Deseret News, October 2. 1943, 32

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Residing in the town of Cardston, Alberta, is a Latter-day Saint pioneer of the West, William Glen. He was born in Scotland and emigrated to Utah in the early days. At the age of 12 years he was living in the Wellsville Ward, Utah, and it was there that he met Martin Harris, one of the Three Witnesses to the Book of Mormon.

Martin Harris, as all students of Church history know, left the Church and remained in the East when the Saints migrated to the Salt Lake Valley under Pres. Brigham Young in his old age his heart was touched and through the good offices of Elder Edward Stevenson, who interceded for him with the General Authorities, Martin Harris came to Utah and was again received in the membership and fellowship of the Church through baptism. That was in 1870.

Martin Harris: "Gentlemen," and he held out his right hand, "do you see that hand? Are you sure you see it? Or are your eyes playing you a trick or something? No. Well as sure as you see my hand so sure did I see the Angel and the plates. Brethren, I know I saw these things and the Lord knows I know these things of which I have spoken are true."


Brother Glen solemnly declares he heard this impressive testimony rom the lips of Martin Harris and though it was many years ago it is as vivid today as it was at the time the conversation took place in Wellsville. Brother Glen states he helped to erect the first edifice in England built by the Church. That was in 1907-'8.

Recently he was visited by O. E. Fischbacher of Vancouver, B.C., who heard from him the foregoing testimony. The picture accompanying this article shows Brother Glen and Brother Fischbacher, taken at Cardston, May 30, 1943.

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