Page reaffirms his testimony; defends BOM.

May 30, 1847
News (traditional)
Hiriam Page

Hiram Page, Letter, 30 May 1847, in "Bro. William," The Ensign of Liberty 1, no. 4 (January 1848): 63

The Ensign of Liberty
William Delong, Hiriam Page
William Delong, Reading Public

In the next place you want to know my faith relative to the book of Mormon, and the winding up of wickedness. As to the book of Mormon, it would be doing injustice to myself, and to the work of God of the last days, to say that I could know a thing to be true in 1830, and know the same thing to be false in 1847. To say my mind was so treacherous that I have forgotten what I saw. To say that a man of Joseph's ability, who at that time did not know how to pronounce the word Nephi, could write a book of six hundred pages, as correct as the book of Mormon without supernatural power. And to say that those holy Angels who came and showed themselves to me as I was walking through the field, to confirm me in the work of the Lord of the last days—three of whom came to me afterwards and sang an hymn in their own pure language; yea, it would be treating the God of heaven with contempt, to deny these testimonies, with too many others to mention here.

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