Edward Stevenson recounts Martin Harris informing him in 1870 that he told several acquaintances once that his knowledge of the angel and plates "is swallowed up in knowledge."

Jun 7, 1886
Edward Stevenson
2nd Hand

Edward Stevenson, "The Three Witnesses to the Book of Mormon. No. II," The Latter-day Saints' Millennial Star 48, no. 23 (June 7, 1886): 367

The Latter-day Saints' Millennial Star
Edward Stevenson, Martin Harris, Joseph Smith, Jr.
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Many interesting incidents were related by Martin on our journey, one of which I will relate. He said that on one occasion several of his old acquaintances made an effort to get him tipsy by treating him to some wine. When they thought he was in a good mood for talk, they put the question very carefully to him: "Well, now, Martin, we want you to be frank and candid with us in regard to this story of your seeing an angel and the golden plates of the Book of Mormon that are so much walked about. We have always taken you to be an honest, good farmer and neighbor of ours, but could not believe that you ever did see an angel. Now Martin, do you really believe that you did see an angel when you were awake?" No, said Martin, I do not believe it. The anticipation of the delighted crowd at this exclamation may be imagined. But soon a different feeling prevailed when Martin Harris, true to his trust, said, "Gentlemen, what I have said is true, from the fact that my belief is swallowed up in knowledge; for I want to say to you that as the Lord lives I do know that I stood with the Prophet Joseph Smith in the presence of an angel, and it was in the brightness of day." Martin Harris related the circumstance to me substantially as I give it, adding that, although he drank wine with them as friends, he always believed in temperance and sobriety.

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