Young reports that Samuel Smith affirms he is one of the BOM witnesses; calls it a revelation and translation.

Feb 3, 1858
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Phineas Young
2nd Hand

Phineas Young in "History of Brigham Young," Deseret News 7, no. 48, February 3,1858, 1

Deseret News
Samuel Smith, Phineas Young
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In April, 1830, having received the Book of Mormon, as I was on my way home from the town of Lima, where I had been to preach, I stopped at the house of a man by the name of Tomlinson, to get some dinner; while engaged in conversation with the family, a young man came in, and walking across the room to where I was sitting, held a book towards me, saying, "There is a book, sir, I wish you to read; the thing appeared so novel to me that for a moment I hesitated, saying, 'Pray, sir, what book have you?' 'The Book of Mormon, or as it is called by some, the Golden Bible.' 'Ah, sir, then it purports to be a revelation.' 'Yes,' said he, 'it is a revelation from God.' I took the book, and by his request looked at the testimony of the witnesses. Said he, 'If you will read this book with a prayerful heart, and ask God to give you a witness, you will know of the truth of this work.' I told him I would do so, and then asked him his name. He said his name was Samuel H. Smith. 'Ah,' said I, 'you are one of the witnesses.' 'Yes,' said he, 'I know the book to be a revelation from God, translated by the gify and power of the Holy Ghost, and that my brother Joseph Smith, jun., is a Prophet, Seer, and Revelator.'

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