Joseph Smith III recounts David Whitmer affirming he saw with his own eyes the plates.

Jul 1884
Joseph Smith III
2nd Hand

Mary Audentia Smith Anderson, ed. "The Memoirs of President Joseph Smith (1832-1914)," The Saints' Herald 83, no. 4 (January 28, 1936): 114

The Saints' Herald
Colonel Giles, David Whitmer, Joseph Smith III
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Upon a few occasions during the sessions, Elder Whitmer was visited by citizens or strangers, calling upon one business or another. Once Colonel Giles, a resident of Richmond, brought a stranger by the name of Captain Fall, and their interview with Elder Whitmer resulted in their being brought into the room where we were at work, where they were introduced to us and permitted to see the manuscript.

The colonel, in an affable and friendly manner, discussed with Elder Whitmer the evidence the latter had borne as a special witness to the divinity of the Book of Mormon. Rather suggestively he asked if it might not have been possible that he, Mr. Whitmer, had been mistaken and had simply been moved upon by some mental disturbance, or hallucination, which had deceived him into thinking he saw the Personage, the Angel, the plates, the Urim and Thummim, and the sword of Laban.

How well and distinctly I remember the manner in which Elder Whitmer arose and drew himself up to his full height—a little over fix feet—and said, in solemn and impressive tones:

"No, sir! I was not under any hallucination, nor was I deceived! I saw with these eyes and I heard with these ears! I know whereof I speak!"

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