Cowdery reports that Christian Whitmer and Peter Whitmer Jr. maintained their testimonies of the BOM.

Dec 31, 1836
Oliver Cowdery
2nd Hand

Oliver Cowdery, "The Closing Year," Messenger and Advocate 3, no. 3, December 1836, 426, L. Tom Perry Special Collections

Messenger and Advocate
Christian Whitmer, Oliver Cowdery, Peter Whitmer, Jr.
General Public

Among those who have gone home to rest, we mention the names of our two brothers-in-law, Christian and Peter Whitmer, jr. the former died on the 27th of November 1835, and the other the 22nd of September last, in Clay county, Missouri. By many in this church, our brothers were personally known: they were the first to embrace the new covenant, on hearing it, and during a constant scene of persecution and perplexity, to their last moments, maintained its truth—they were both included in the list of the eight witnesses in the book of Mormon, and though they have departed, it is with great satisfaction that we reflect, that they proclaimed to their last moments, the certainty of their former testimony: The testament is in force after the death of the testator. May all who read remember the fact, that the Lord has given men a witness of himself in the last days, and that they, have faithfully declared it till called away.

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