Michael Hubbard MacKay and Nicholas J. Frederick on the claims of people to be in possession of alleged Page stone.

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Michael Hubbard MacKay and Nicholas J. Frederick, Joseph Smith's Seer Stones (Provo, UT: Religious Studies Center, Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 2016). 155-156

BYU Religious Studies Center, Deseret Book
Mayme Janetta Whitmer Koontz, Michael Hubbard Mackay, Rick Grunder, Richard Howard, Steven F. Christensen, John Whitmer, Hiram Page, David C. Martin
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Alvin R. Dyer famously declared that he had discovered Page's seer stone. He championed the idea that a seer stone passed down through John Whitmer's family was the Hiram Page stone. In 1955, he rediscovered a stone in the possession of Mayme Janetta Whitmer Koontz, the granddaughter of John Whitmer. Though she did not know the exact ownership history from John Whitmer to her, she was confident that it was a sacred item, though she was willing to sell it. David C. Martin purchased the stone and met with Richard Howard, the historian of the RLDS Church in 1971. Howard compared the stone with the Schweich stone in the RLDS Archives, then explained to Martin that they were Indian gorgets, not seer stones. According to Rick Grunder, Martin eventually used the seer stone as collateral in a bank loan that he eventually could not pay back. Grunder approached the bank, purchased the seer stone from them, sold the stone to Steven F. Christensen, and then brokered a sale to the current private owner.

There has been no evidence that can verifiably refute Koontz's claim that she possessed the Hiram Page seer stone. However, there is good reason to question its validity.

. . . Hiram Page's seer stone was more likely destroyed rather than preserved through generations of the Whitmer family.

BHR Staff Commentary

MacKay & Frederick cite the following (pg. 160, n 16):

""Whitmer Family Seer Stone," Rick Grunder, http://www.rickgrunder.com/HistoricalArchive/whitmerstone.htm. This information also came from a personal conversation between Rick Grunder and Michael Hubbard MacKay, 4 April 2016."

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