Brigham says that thieves should have their throats cut and then should be thrown in a river.

Dec 13, 1846
Personal Journal / Diary
Brigham Young
Scribed Summary

Thomas Bullock journals, 1843-1849; Journal, 1846 September-December; entry for December 13, 1846, MS 1385, Church History Library

Thomas Bullock
Brigham Young
Various Apostles, Ward Bishops

Prest. Young told the High Council that the Bishops were under their control, that they are ought to meet together at least once a week to counsel together -c if the Bishops will not do their duty - drop them - it never will do for this people to go into the Wilderness without serving their God - we had better have a division & see who will serve God - he had gleaned his knowledge every where, if he had been more evident in getting riches some one else would have stood in his place - the Bishops aught to be able to tell what every man is doing in his Ward - you can lead a man to do his duty - see that every man woman & child has something to eat. When a man is found to be a thief, he will be a thief no longer, cut his throat, & thro’ him in the River - & prayed that the time might soon come that all iniquity would cease - he warned the Bishops to organize their several wards & watch over them with a fatherly care & see that they have work - & have schools in their wards - he then called on the Twelve, the High Council & 22 Bishops to bring a log each & put up a council house - he also wanted the brethren to complete the mill race - after the council had dismissed, the Twelve remained in conversation till about 10 at night.

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