Brigham Young instructs Isaac C. Haight that an unnamed man guilty of fornication should be rebaptized, not killed for blood atonement.

Oct 29, 1856
Brigham Young

Isaac Haight, "Isaac C. Haight letter," October 29, 1856, CR 1234 1, Church History Library

Isaac C. Haight
Brigham Young, Isaac C. Haight
Isaac C. Haight

Cedar City Oct. 29th/56

Dear Brigham Young,

I hope you will bear with me in asking you another question in addition to the one I sent the other day the matter is this One of the Brethren from Harmony has just been in to see me and asked me what he should do as he felt that he had got into transgression his case is this After he came to Winter Quarters he went back to the States to get a woman that was promised to him which had staid behind to settle up some business, he got the woman and before she was married to him he had connexion with her he feels that he did wrong Although at the time he thought he did no wrong so long as he married her. he had had his Endowments he wishes to know what he shall do. I think he has clearly repented of the sin and says that if the Law of God requires his Blood to be spilled he will most willingly comply with Anything required that he may be saved.

Will you tell me what to say to him? in answering this it will answer many of like nature.

The work of reformation is working mightely among the people and the Spirit is searching deeply their hearts and causing them to confess their sins with weeping and sorrow.

Most Respectfully Yours,

I C Haight

Tell the young man to go and sin no more repent of all his sins and be baptized for the same BY

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