BY indicates that murders should be killed to obtain a lower kingdom.

Mar 22, 1845
Meeting Minutes / Notes
Brigham Young
Scribed Paraphrase

"Council of Fifty, Minutes, March 1844–January 1846; Volume 2, 1 March–6 May 1845," p. [189-90], The Joseph Smith Papers website, accessed May 10, 2021

William Clayton
Brigham Young
Council of Fifty

If we could hoist the standard of liberty, lift the ensign and bid the nations welcome, they would come by thousands, and when we get there those who will not bow to the Celestial law will tell no more tales. He will tell the plan whereby murderers can obtain salvation, for there is only one sin which can have no remedy and that is the sin against the Holy Ghost He knows a plan whereby Missouri might be saved. If [Lilburn W.] Boggs and the ring leaders of the mob who exterminated the saints would come to Nauvoo and cast themselves at our feet, and say that they had sinned a sin unto death, and they are willing to submit to the law, let their heads be severed from their bodies, and let their hearts blood run and drench the earth, and then the Almighty would say they should finally be saved in some inferior kingdom. If when a man comes here who is guilty of murder— we would cut off his head, it would be a million times better for him, than it would to let him live.

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