Brigham Young tells Isaac C. Haight that remission and pardon are promised to all that repent of their sins.

Mar 5, 1857
Brigham Young

Brigham Young, letter to Isaac C. Haight, March 5, 1857, in Brigham Young office files transcriptions, 1974-1978; Letterbooks; Letterbook Volume 3, 1857 February 19-April 1, 461-2; Church History Library

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Brigham Young, Isaac C. Haight
Isaac C. Haight

I also note, with satisfaction, your account of Bror Jacob Hamblin's success among the Indians on the Santa Clara: We have not received your note written at Fillmore: in relation to the Catechism, I enclose you one; confess and forsake, and if necessary, repent and restore; either to your Father in heaven or your brethren; meeting in the same circle; then let them answer to you, as before Heaven, in this sacred place, after this divide the labor of catechising among a few of your more faithful brethren; and let no man, publish what is confessed; This time, in the name of the Lord, remission and pardon: even of adultery. are promised to all that truly repent, confess, forsake their sins, and make restitution, when necessary, then, ever after, "live their religion" be on the Lord's side, and do right, all such you may bless and encourage in their journey through life.

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