William C. Harrison, in a "Companion Poem to Eliza R. Snow's 'Invocation,'" writes of HM.

Mar 1, 1892
William C. Harrison

William C. Harrison, "Companion Poem to Eliza R. Snow's 'Invocation,'" JI, 1892

Juvenile Instructor
William C. Harrison
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Oh my Mother, thou that dwellest

In thy mansions up on high,

Oft methinks I still remember

How you bade your child goodby;

How you clasped me to your bosom,

Bade me a true son to be

E’re I left my Father’s mansion,

To dwell in mortality.

How you gave me words of counsel

To guide aright my straying feet;

How you taught by true example

All of Father’s laws to keep;

While I strive in this probation,

How to learn the gospel truth,

May I merit your approval

As I did in early youth.

‘Tis recorded in your journal

How you stood by Father’s side,

When by pow’rs that are eternal

Thou wast sealed His goddess bride.

How by love and truth and virtue,

E’en in time thou did’st become,

Through your high exalted station,

Mother of the souls of men.

When of evil I’ve repented,

And my work on earth is done,

Kindest Father, loving mother,

Pray forgive your erring son.

When my pilgrimage is ended,

And the victor’s wreath I’ve won,

Dearest Mother, to your bosom

Will you welcome home your son?

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