Brigham Young shares Heber C. Kimball's recollection of Joseph Smith affirming a Father in Heaven, then adds that it necessitates a mother.

Feb 23, 1862
Speech / Court Transcript
Brigham Young
Scribed Verbatim
3rd Hand

Brigham Young, "True Character of God--Erroneous Ideas Entertained Towards Him," Journal of Discourses, 26 vols. (Liverpool: George Q. Cannon, 1862), 9:286

George D. Watt
Brigham Young, Heber C. Kimball
Latter-day Saints

Brother Kimball quoted a saying of Joseph the Prophet, that he would not worship a God who had not a Father; and I do not know that he would if be had not a mother; the one would be as absurd as the other. If he had a Father, he was made in his likeness. And if he is our Father we are made after his image and likeness. He once possessed a body, as we now do; and our bodies are as much to us, as his body to him. Every iota of this organization is necessary to secure for us an exaltation with the Gods. Our mortal tabernacles decline. The spirit is inseparably connected with the body until death, and it is so designed; but when we get through with our worship in this Tabernacle or building for worship we dispense with it until we wish to meet again. We are not inseparably connected with it; it may be consumed by the element of fire and pass away for ever. But it is not so with our bodies; if we wilfully loose these, we loose everything that God has provided for the faithful.

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