Josiah Stowell reports having caught a glimpse of the plates.

Nov 7, 1832
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Josiah Stowell
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Josiah Stowell Testimony, in "Mormonism," New England Christian Herald 4, no. 6 (November 7, 1832)

New England Christian Herald
Josiah Stowell, Joseph Smith, Jr.
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Josiah Stowel, being by me sworn, saith, he has been acquainted with Smith, the prisoner, for quite a number of years . . . that prisoner told witnesses, that the Lord had told prisoner that a golden Bible was in a certain hill; that Smith, the prisoner, went in the night, and brought the Bible, (as Smith said;) witness saw a corner of it; it resembled a stone of a greenish caste; should judge it to have been about one foot square and six inches thick; he would not let it be seen by any one; the Lord had commanded him not; it was unknown to Smith, that witness saw a corner of the Bible, so called by Smith; told the witness the leaves were of gold; there were written characters on the leaves . . .

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