Charles A. Shook criticizes Book of Mormon claims about metallurgy, horses, etc.

Charles A. Shook

Charles A. Shook, Cumorah Revisited: Or, the Book of Mormon and the Claims of the Mormons Re-Examined from the Viewpoint of American Archeology and Ethnology (Cincinnati: The Standard Publishing Company, 1910), 565-566

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Charles A. Shook
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In closing this chapter and this book. I wish to bring before the reader in summarized form a few of the facts which I believe have been fully established in the preceding pages:

(1) That the American race is, and has been, one from the close of the Glacial Period to the present, and that the American Indians are not descendants of the children of Israel.

(2) That the civilization of the ancient races was indigenous and was not derived from either Egypt or Palestine, the analogies brought forward to prove such a derivation being mere coincidences.

(3) That none of the ancient peoples had attained to the stage of culture attributed to the peoples of the Book of Mormon, being ignorant of the arts of smelting and working iron and the use of alphabetic characters.

(4) That the theory of extinct races -- that is, extinct in the sense in which Mormons use the term -- is a pure fallacy, the ancient Mound Builders, Cliff Dwellers, Central Americans, Mexicans and Peruvians being the direct ancestors, in both blood and culture, of those races found here by the whites.

(5) That the ancient races were neither Jews nor Christians, but pagans and worshipers of the elements and phenomena of nature, mountains, rocks, trees, beasts, birds and men.

(6) That the ancient empires were very small as compared with the continent and did not comprehend parts of both Americas. And

(7) That the trend of migration in the Northern Continent was from north to south, instead of in the opposite direction.

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