WW records the discovery of Zelph.

May 8, 1834
Personal Journal / Diary
Wilford Woodruff

Wilford Woodruff Journal, May 8, 1834, MS 1352, Church History Library

Wilford Woodruff
Jesse Johnson Smith, Nephites, Lamanites, Wilford Woodruff, Joseph Smith, Jr., Milton Holmes, Zelph

While on our travels we visited many of the mounds which were flung up by the ancient inhabitants of this continent, probably by the Nephites & Lamanites. We visited one of those Mounds <considered to be 300 feet above the level of the Illinois> and several of the brethren dug into it and <river, three persons dug into the mound & found> took from it the bones of a man. Brother <a body Elder Milton Holmes took the arrow out of the> Joseph had a vission respecting the person <back bones that killed Zelph & brought it with some> he said he was a white Lamanite the <of the bones into the camp, I visited the same> curse was taken from him or at least <mound with Jesse J. smith Who the other persons were> in part, he was killed in battle with an <that dug into the mound & found the body I am> arrow the arrow was found among his <undecided> ribs, one of his thigh bones was broken, this was done by a stone flung from a sling in battle years before his death his name was Zelph Some of his bones were brought into the camp and the thigh bone which was broken was put into my waggon and I carried it to Missouri. Zelph was a large thick set man and a man of God he was a warrior under the great prophet <Onandagus> that was known from the hill Cumorah & <& as a east sea> to the Rocky mountains. The above knowledge Joseph receieved in a vision.

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