RM recalls JS remarks about Z, including arrow in ribs, white Lamanite, and "Omandagus."

Jun 3, 1834
Personal Journal / Diary
Reuben McBride

Reuben McBride, reminiscence, June 3, 1834, MS 8197, Church History Library

Reuben McBride
Reuben McBride, Joseph Smith, Jr., Zelph, Omandagus or Onandagus

Tuesday 3 [June 1834] visited the mounds. A skeleton was dug up [by] Joseph, said his name was Zelph a great warrior under the Prophet Omandagus. An arrow was found in his Ribs—[page break; top of next page begins with different, lighter ink, indicated here by italic; it is partly illegible, but appears to read:] His name was Zelph a warior under the Prophet Omandagus Zelph a white Laman[i]te

Crossed the Missipi River on the 4[th of June] 2 days in Crossing

June 6 resumed our jorney [illegible] at Salt River Staid 12 days

From Salt River to Richmond Ray County [illegible] that [illegible] the [illegible]

[June] 19 on fishing River

[June] 20 went 5 miles meeting held counsel

June 24 Colera [illegible]

[June] 23 arived at Rush Creek

Rush Creek Mo Clay Co

Choler [June 24]

— which he said he suposed ocaisoned his death Said he was killed in battle. Said he was a man of God and the curse was taken off or in part he was a white Lamanite WAS KNOWN FROM THE ATLANTIC TO THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS [bold type indicates words added interlinearly].

June, the 4 came to the Missipi River were 2 days in Crossing being very high one mile wide

On the 7th arived at Salt River. Staid their 12 days to recrute and reorganise. Some came from Michigan and joined the company.

BHR Staff Commentary

The transcript and dating for this record is found in Kenneth W. Godfrey, "The Zelph Story," Brigham Young University Studies 29, no. 2 (1989): 31-56, https://byustudies.byu.edu/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/29.2Godfrey-003b0b7d-bf77-4d7e-ae80-8290e6730b87.pdf.

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