MM gives details on Z's remains, including 8 or 9 feet height.

Jun 3, 1834
Personal Journal / Diary
Moses Martin

Moses Martin journal, 1834:7, MS 1986, Church History Library

Moses Martin
Moses Martin, Joseph Smith, Jr., Zelph

this being in the Co of Pike hear we discovered a larg quantity of large moun-ds being filed with curiosity we excavated the top of one so[m]e 2 feete when we came to the bones of an extraordinary large person or human being the thigh bones being 2 inches longer from one Socket to the other than of the Prophet who who is upwards of 6 feete high which would have constuted some 8 or 9 feete high in the trunk of this skeleton near the vitals we found a larg stone arrow which I suppose brought him to his end Soon after this Joseph had a vision and the Lord shewed him that this man was once a mighty Prophet and many other things concerning this people Thus we found those mounds to have be deposits for the dead which had falen no doubt in some great Batles in additio-n to this we found many large fortifications which als[o] denotes siviliseation and an innumerable population which has falen by wars and comotion and the Banks of this Beautiful River became the deposit of many hundred thousands whos graves and fortifications [illegible] are over grown with the sturdy oak 4 feete in diameter

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