Joseph's Journal Entry; Second Anointing given for first time.

Sep 28, 1843
Personal Journal / Diary
Joseph Smith, Jr.
Scribed Summary

Joseph Smith, Journal, 28 September 1843, p. [110], The Joseph Smith Papers website, accessed August 2, 2021

Willard Richards
Hyrum Smith, George Miller, Emma Hale Smith, William Law, John M. Bernhisel, John Taylor, Newel K. Whitney, Lucien Woodworth, Joseph Smith, Jr., Amasa Mason Lyman, William Marks, Willard Richards, John Smith

Thursday Sept 28 1833 1843 10 A.M. in the street going toward printing office. 11½ A,M,M Council over the Store. Hyrum [Smith]. Newell [Newel K. Whitney]. Geo. [Miller] W.d— [Willard Richards] Wa.d [washed] & A[[nointed]] J. S. [John Smith] J. T. [John Taylor] A. L. [Amasa Lyman] L. W. [Lucien Woodworth] J. M. B. [John M. Bernhisel]— ant [anointed] at 7 eve met at the Mansion upper room front. with W. L. [William Law] W. M. [William Marks] Baurak Ale was by common cons[e]nt. & unanimous voice chosen presidnt of the quorum. & anointed & ordd. [ordained] to the highest and holiest order of the priesthood.— (&. Companion <​d[itt]o.—​>) Joseph Smith. Hyrum Smith. Geo Miller. N. K. Whitny— Willad Richars—— John Smith, John Taylor, Amasa Lyman. Lucien Woodworth. J. M. Bernhisel—— Wm Law. Wm Marks.— President led in prayer. that his days might be prolonged. have domin[io]n over his enemies. all their hosehods [households] be blessed and all the chu[rc]h & wo[r]ld.

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