Wilford Woodruff's summary of a February 13, 1849 meeting in which Brigham Young states that black people are inelligible for the Priesthood because of the curse of Cain.

Meeting Minutes / Notes
Brigham Young
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Wilford Woodruff, "Record of the Twelve Recorded in Wilford Woodruff's Handwriting," comp. ca. 1852, in New Mormon Studies CD-ROM

Wilford Woodruff
Brigham Young, Cain, Lorenzo Snow, Wilford Woodruff, Abel
Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

Elder Lorenzo Snow presented the case of the Africans wishing to know the chance of their redemption. Pres[iden]t Young replied with much clearness that the curse remained upon them because Cain cut off the lines of Abel to prevent him and his posterity getting the ascendancy over himself & his generations, and to get the lead himself, his own offering not being accepted of God while Abels was. Butc [sic] & prohibited them the Priesthood that Abel & his progeny may yet come forward & have their dominion place and Blessings in their proper relationship with Cain & his race in a world to come.

BHR Staff Commentary

The transcript for the Record of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles (RQ12) is available through the New Mormon Studies CD-ROM; this transcript was produced in an earlier age with greater access to Church archival holdings. Today, the RQ12 is not available for research.

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