Brigham says he doesn't care about the blood or color of McCary.

Mar 26, 1847
Meeting Minutes / Notes
Brigham Young
Scribed Verbatim

Meeting Minutes, March 26, 1847, CR 100 318, Church History Library

Thomas Bullock
Edson Whipple, Brigham Young, Ezra Taft Benson, Wilford Woodruff, Thomas Bullock, John Eldridge, George D. Grant, William McCary, Newel K. Whitney, Lucy Stanton, George A. Smith, Albert Perry Rockwood, Amasa Mason Lyman, Quaku Walker Lewis, Willard Richards, Heber C. Kimball, Parley P. Pratt
Various Apostles

In Drs. Office, Prest. Young, Kimball, Richards, Lyman, Pratt, Benson, Woodruff, Smith, N.K. Whitney, A.P. Rockwood, G.D. Grant, John Eldridge, Edson Whipple, T. Bullock, & anoth. man William McCary (the Indian) & his Wife

William McCary I address myself to you as my bro. & my leader. I am satisfied by you—& in some places I am hypocritically abused—the bishops have counciled the ppl not to suffer such a Sp. as me in their wigwams. Some say there go the old nigger & his white wife—today some of the Sis say, that is the man that bro. Brigham tells his family to treat with disrespect—if there is any dissatisfactor[y] & I am not right I will walk right. And to the chalk line—I cam ein as a red man & want to go out as a red man what am I to deepn—if I am wrong I want to walk right, I want you to tell me & then I will tell you what God sent me <here> for--we were all white once, why av. [sic] I the stain now. God has told me to walk at the lady. I come to lay myself at the foot & God & you for the bal. I seek the footstool at your feet—dont these backsliders think that I ave [sic] a feeling I was a nigger. I got baptism I am thankful for it, I'd as like to be a nigger as an Indian as many think thery are as are I don't any one to transgress. I am come here for my Salv sake & providing I get this feeling from you I will walk the ri[ght] road. Some say I am as Adam, some as the INdian Prophet—I want the person to come & tell me to my face, providing I behave myself, & you told me to reach all my ppl to obey the K of God. Must I obey you, or must I obey them that don't obey you. 

B.Y. Obey me 

McCary: If I am Adam, & we say to say here comes a head jumping along with a head white as woold, they wd. say where is your body?--oh I've left that home (laugh). I am speaking of 4 leg sheep now—to see the head come along & say I am ancient of days & leave body at home is tow things—provided ancient of days, comes he must bring his body along—provided I was Adam what wd the ppl do—they theyd be as the dog was with the hot dumpling—if old Fave. was to come—I want to know how many Fa[ther]s & Mo[ther]s to save ppl—we must av. Fa[thers] & mos to save pp. in some wa—now when Adam comes he will bring the lost rib with him—provided the body comes, the Indian av. no oath in their tongue—I ask Jack Redding why he swear—oh says he the white people tell me—Borecale is the same man—they both placed in one body. I av. got as strait hair as any other—look at it, there is no sight in left eye—no hearing left ear—I want to understand among the 12 wher I am protected if I do right. If there is so much fuss about it--that I have a lost rib you give it up there can be no stuffing, one man confesses to be Adam—and the Ancient of Days. Every man is trying to get up a mob to drive me out of the city—there is no man but they speak evil of—they even speak evil of God—you can see & examine—if you ex my body, see about it & examine for yourself. So long as a white woman si so much in the way, good God why don't they give me a red woman—there is so much modesty, you may have seen a redskin jump into his costume—as my Wife is not ashamed I don't think you will be ashemd. 

He put on his Indian costume—Dr. R. felt his ribs. 

B.Y What are we to understand by your asking us to ex you

McCarry: I want to prove whehterh I av been here before to be exd. I av. come to let you know what I am accused for. I say my body is no more—Ive come here to lay myself bef. you as your servant. 

Dr. R. I don't discover any thing novel. 

McCarry the ppl are going it all the time some call me adam, some old nigger—I want to know what is the diff

B.Y. have you one rib more on your right than on your left—

W Mc. What's what I am come here to find out—here's the old rib—(wife) 

H.C.K. then you have more on one side than the other

McC--Ah there's it--every one of you have a rib short--not here—but mine is here

B.Y. your body is not what is your mission 

McC. All I ask is, will you protect me—I've come here & given myself out to be your servant

B.Y. its nothing to do with the blood for of one blood has God made all felsh, we have to repent & regain what we av lost—we av one of the best Elders an African in Lowell—a barber

John Eldridge—brother Lyman you know they pointed me out as dreamer & 6 weeks ago, I dreamed of this very man coming & stripping himself like this

McC I hope now they' let me <live> in peace now (McCarry dressed himself again) I av now satisfied them & they av satisfied me & if any one molests me I will come to bro. Brigham Thot it well to come & report myself to the heads of the Ch. If I am a donkey, I want to serve God—(Amen BY) 

McC. I am very much obliged at meeting you in love & gratitude those that are not my friends I want them to tel me—if you av any thing in yoru hearts you may as well tell me as I shall know all in 48 hours

Mrs. McC. I really want to know whet. you beli the Bible or not? 

BY Sister Lucy in what respect do you mean—in part or parts? 

Mrs. McC. Some is fulfilled—some is not translated right—if you certainly bel. the Bible by Joseph's translation

McC. If we dont bel. the bible, we r in a poor place for starters 

B.Y. We bel. the bible, & we bel. all truth-tho we have B B of Mormon, D&C & without the living oracles—this puts position of the living oracles—if a man says he bel. Bible, B of Mormon, & D&C, and is not baptized for the remission of sins—he'll be damnd. 

McCary suppose I want to make a visit to the Arkansas & take my wife to meet my need—when are Sleep Creaks not all the rest & chiefly inclined to follow—among the Choctaws—why Jesus Christ was born in a stable—does that follow that he had a horses head—I am afraid of ans[wering] questions bec. ppl will take this thing wrong—persons come to me & tell me that the 12 dont teach the Bible & again they ask are you going to the mountains this year—I tell them I never calculate beyond my nose—-they ask questions & then answer them themselves & turn away & say I tell them—if any man comes forward & says more than that he tells what is not here—some ask what do you think abt. the D&C—I ask what they think—they tell me then—I say thats enough you av answered the questions yourselves--I am satisfied--I want you to intercede for me I am not a Prest, or a leader of the ppl. but a common bro[ther]—because I am a little shade darker 

B.Y. We dont care about the color

McC Do I hear that from all—(All Aye) 

HCK don't you feel a good spirit here bro William 

McC Yes--thank God there r 2 or 3 men at the end of the camp who want to kill me—I satisfied in all—with you all—I am coming to lay myself at your feet & if God picks me up—its God & you for it—I mean to travel to the mountain if I only go a mile a day—that is if you dont pick up the load & put it in your pocket (laugh)—I am a Frenchman by trade, but never practice it—(laugh) One man next door to me says I wd. like to be an Indian but I can not speak Choctaw—now I say I dare him to talk American

John Eldridge spoke some Dutch—McCarry talked in reply in Dutch—

He then played on his little thirty six cents flute—he picks no key but Ill put a key to it

McC I have no means nor nothing—you cannot pick up the road & put it in your pocket

B.Y. Suppose we get out to have the council house on monday evening next & give it out for 12 1/2 each we want every person to be fitted out--& not have to stay to hunt 

McC. I would like them to be come & be satisfied 

BY Dont care what the ppl say, shew by your actions that you don't care for what they say

McC. I would like them to be come & be satisfied 

BY Dont care what the ppl say, shew by your actions that you don't care for what they say. All we do is serve the Lord with all our hearts—

McCarry I help to pick up the cross of Christ—I bel. in the Bible so far as I feel its right—I will take my Bible to my folks & tell them & you may preach 2500 years & they wont believe it (he then ridiculed the American peculiarities of speech) shewed mum, guess so, may be, think so, to be five foolish virgins—& yea, yea, nay, nay & Amen to be the 5 Wise Virgins—told us of the frog. "knee deep," "knee deep, <"& deeper"> "wants more bacon," more bac," <"fried bacon,"> & then when they r going to apostatize they sing out "more rum "more rum," & then asked to part with good feelings & A. Lyman to pray

Lyman made prayer

McCarry I wish you would mention to the Bishops on the South & teach them not to come with one face to me, & not go & tell the brethren not to let me come into their Wigwams. I ask this in the name of God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, Mary the mother, & the Holy Ghost Amen. We shall get amongst the Royal Family soon, & drink a toast here to the trouser coon gang & the petticoat coon gang, amy the trouser coon gang never be overcome by the petticoat coon gang.

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