Simon Baker states that Joseph taught baptism for the dead at Seymor Brunson's 1840 funeral.

Aug 15, 1840
Meeting Minutes / Notes
Simon Baker

Historical Department journal history of the Church, 15 August 1840, CR 100 137, Church History Library

Church History Library
Seymour Brunson, Jane Neymon, Joseph Smith, Jr., Cyrus Livingston Neymon, Vienna Jaques, Simon Baker, Andrew Jenson, Harvey Olmstead
Church Historian's Office

Joseph the Prophet according to the document hereunto attached preached the funeral sermon in memory of Elder Seymour Brunson who had died Aug 10, 1840.

The following document was found by Andrew Jenson at the Historian's Office, April 9, 1908, while undertaking a careful perusal of original documents:

Jane Neymon states that Joseph preached Seymour Brunson's funeral sermon and then first introduced the subject of baptism of the dead and said to the people: "I have laid the subject of baptism for the dead before you, you may receive or reject it as you choose. Sept 13th (Aug 15th) She then went and was baptized for her son Cyrus Livingston Neymon, by Harvey Olmstead. Joseph on hearing it at table in the evening asked what he said, on his telling what the ceremony was it proved that Father Olmstead had it right.

Vienna Jaques witnessed the same by riding into the river on horseback to get close so as to hear what the ceremony would be. These statements given by Jane Neymon and Vienna Jaques in History office G.S.L. City Nov 29th, 1854 half past 10 o'clock a.m.

Following is a statement made by Simon Baker in a speech which he delivered:

"I was present at a discourse that the prophet Joseph delivered on baptism for the dead August 15, 1840. He read the greater part of the 15th Chap of Cor. and remarked that the Gospel of Jesus Christ brought glad tiding of great joy, and then remarked that he saw a widow in that congregation that had a son who died without being baptized, and this widow in reading the sayings of Jesus; "except a man be born of water and of the spirit he cannot enter the Kingdom of heaven," and that not one jot nor tittle of the Saviour's words should pass away, but all should be fulfilled. He then said that this widow should have glad tiding in that thing. He also said the Apostle was talking to a people who understood Baptism for the dead, for it was practiced for their friends who had departed this life, and that the plan of salvation was calcul<a>ted to save all who were willing to obey the requirements of the law of God. He went on and made a very beautiful discourse.

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