Vilate Kimball writes to Heber Kimball about Joseph preaching baptism for the dead (1840).

Oct 11, 1840
Vilate Kimball

Vilate M. Kimball, Letter to Heber C. Kimball, October 11, 1840, Church History Library, MS 18732

Church History Library
Vilate Kimball, Joseph Smith, Jr., Heber C. Kimball
Heber C. Kimball

President Smith has opend a new and glorious subject of late which has caused quite a revival in the church. that is, being baptised for the dead. Paul speaks of it, in first Corinthians 15th chapter 29th vers. Joseph has received a more full explaination of it by Revelation. he says it is the privilege of this church to be baptised for all their kinsfolks that have died before this Gospel came forth; even back to their great Granfather and Mother if they have ben personally acquainted with them. by so doing we act as agents for them, and give them the privilege of comeing forth in the first resurrection. he says they will have the Gospel preached them in Prison, but there is no such thing as spirrits being baptised. He doesnot whoely discard sisters Booths Vishon; says it was to show her the necesity of being Baptised.

BHR Staff Commentary

"sisters Booths Vishon" is a reference to Ann Booth, a British convert who had a vision of the deceased David W. Patten preaching and baptizing in the spirit world.

For more details on Booth, see Christopher James Blythe, “Ann Booth’s Vision and Early Conceptions of Redeeming the Dead among Latter-day Saints,” BYU Studies Quarterly 56:2 (2017): 105-122; Johnny Stephenson & H. Michael Harquardt, “Origin of the Baptism for the Dead Doctrine,” The John Whitmer Historical Association Journal 37:1 (2017): 132-146.

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