Gary Mokotoff finds Jewish Holocaust victims in the International Genealogical Index.

Jun 1992
Gary Mokotoff

Gary Mokotoff, "The Mormon/Jewish Controversy: What Really Happened," AVOTAYNU, Summer 1995 (reprint)

Gary Mokotoff
Gary Mokotoff, Anne Frank
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In June 1992, I was assisting a member of the Dutch Jewish Genealogical Society in locating information about family members with the surname "Caneel" using the facilities of the LDS (Mormon) Family History Library in Salt Lake City. As a final check, I searched the IGI section that included Netherlands for the name Caneel. Although the IGI has very little information about Jews because it is primarily a list of some 200 million ancestors of Mormons who have been baptized into the faith, I noticed a number of persons named Caneel, and some had distinctly Jewish given names. 

Information in the IGI can be traced to its source, and I determined that the source was a book located in the Family History Library entitled Lijst van Nederlandee jooden die gestorven zijn gedurende de tweede wereld oorlog (List of Dutch Jews, prisoners and missing people that have died in concentration camps during World War II). Spot checking a few other names from the Dutch book, it was clear that other names had been extracted and other Jews had been baptized. The source information in the IGI also revealed that the extraction was not the act of individuals but a planned program of the Mormon Church. I also checked to see if Anne Frank was among the baptized but could not find her name. (In truth, I later discovered that Anne Frank had been baptized; I was looking in the Dutch section of the IGI—Anne Frank was German.)

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