William Henry Smart describes two parts of the second anointing ordinance.

May 31, 1901 - Jun 20, 1901
Personal Journal / Diary
William Henry Smart

William Henry Smart, Journal, May 31, 1901–June 20, 1901, 50–51, 67–68, J. Willard Marriott Library

William Henry Smart
Lorenzo Snow, John Nicholson, John R. Winder, Adolph Madsen, William Henry Smart

May 31 Friday [1901] Went to Temple this morning presenting recommend which Pres. Snow gave me about 3 months ago. We had not come before for our second anointing as the baby was young, and because we desired to become settled in our new home.

I was called to speak during the services of the temple. Dwelt principally upon the necessity of keeping awake during temple services and keeping spiritually awake in our duties. I consider this a very great honor to be called to speak in the House of the Lord. Bp John R Winder annointed us and Elder Madsen instructed us. These are the greatest blessings that are bestowed upon man in the flesh. We were both melted in tears and I felt the patriarchal spirit of pure affection more than I have done before. The witnesses to the annointing were {John R. Winder annointed. Adolph Madsen assisted John Nicholson Recorder. . . .

June 20 Thursday [1901] . . . This evening from about 9-30 to 12 O.C. my wife and I attended to the second part of the ordinance of second anointings. We are besides the ordinance itself sang "We thank thee O God for a prophet," conversed concerning our duties to each other and children, read from John XII: 1-8 verses, read the Rev. on the Eternity of the Marriage Covenant, [Doctrine and Covenants] Section 132. We dedicated [a] room for the purpose of this meeting. Closed by singing: "Oh My father thou that dwellest." Anna was mouth in preliminary prayer, I gave the dedicatory prayer and the benediction.

The spirit of the Lord was with us and we felt nearer together than usual: were much encouraged in pressing onward in an endeavor to succeed in life. We fasted during the day and broke our fast together a little after 12 O.C.

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