BHR examines JS's seer stone.

Mar 30, 1933
B. H. Roberts

B. H. Roberts, Letter to C. M. Dewsnup, March 30, 1933, L. Tom Perry Special Collections, MSS 2022, Box 4, Folder 19, 1-2

Brigham Young, Anthony Ivins, Wilford Woodruff, John Taylor, Oliver Cowdery, Joseph F. Smith, B. H. Roberts, Heber J. Grant
C. M. Dewsnup

The Prophet continued in possession of the Seer Stone which evidently at the last <he> gave to Oliver Cowdery, at Richmond, Mo. In [sic] 1848, who gave this seer stone to Lorenzo Young, brother of Brigham Young to deliver to the Prophet Brigham Young and he retained it throughout his life. From him it passed to President John Taylor and from John Taylor to Wilford Woodruff, and when the Manti Temple was dedicated, Wilford Woodruff took this Seer Stone and placed it on the altar and dedicated it to the Church. From President Woodruff the Seer Stone passed into the hands of President Joseph F. Smith and I had several interviews with him concerning it and at one time he promised to bring it to his office so that I might see it. But some circumstance or other prevented him from doing this. Having traced the Seer Stone to his possession of it I made further inquiries wondering where it might be. Since it had been dedicated by President Woodruff to the Church I thought it could be expected to be in possession of President Grant. This, however, at the time I made the inquiry was not the case. But inquiring of representative members of the Smith family I was informed that they were still in possession of it and it was brought to my office by one of them and President Ivins was present. We both examined it for sometime and wondered about it. While handling it – it is a small stone of chocolate color with milkish white strata running through it and apparently specks of gold here and there – while handling it I had the impression that doubtless it was radium or it had been made radio active by contact with radium and hence its power to become luminous when placed in the dark. This Seer Stone therefore I saw and handled and told the people of Arizona about it, not about the Urim and Thummim which I never saw and know nothing about.

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