James T. Cobb says Joseph found stone near well; Chase's sister, Sarah "Sally" Chase was a seer.

Jun 1, 1881
Abel Chase
Scribed Verbatim

Abel Chase interview, in James T. Cobb, "The Hill Cumorah, and the Book of Mormon," Saints' Herald 28 (June 1, 1881): 165

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Mr. Saunders giving us directions to the house of Abel Chase, we next called upon him and ascertained the following:

Mr. Chase—"I am sixty-seven years old. Knew the Smiths; the old man was a cooper. I was young and don't remember only general character. They were poorly educated, ignorant and superstitious; were kind of shiftless, but would do a good day's work. They used to call Joe, 'Lobby Joe.' He got a singular looking stone, which was dug up out of my father's well; it belonged to my brother Willard, and he could never get it. His mother, old Mrs. Smith, got the stone from mother."

How do you know Joe ever had it?

"Oh I don't know that; but my brother could never get it back."

Your sister had a stone she could look through and see things, so they have told us; Did you ever see that, Mr. Chase?

"Yes; I have seen it; but that was not the one that old Mrs. Smith got."

Well; could you see things through that?

"I could not; it was a dark looking stone; it was a peculiar stone."

Do you really think your sister could see things by looking through that stone, Mr. Chase?

"Well, she claimed too; and I must say there was something strange about it."

Where is your sister now?

"She is not living now; my brother Willard is dead, also. He would know more than I do about those things."

How did the stone look, you say Mrs. Smith got?

"I don't know; I never saw that."

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