WH tells LEO that JS had stones, offers account of plates.

Nov 10, 1888
News (traditional)
William Hyde
2nd Hand

L.E. Odinga, “The Birth of Mormonism,” Deseret Evening News, November 10, 1888, 2

Deseret Evening News
Martin Harris, Joseph Smith, Sr., L.E. Odinga, William Hyde
Reading Public

Most of the knowledge that I possess as regards Mormonism and the plates from which young Joseph translated the Book of Mormon, was derived from conversations with Smith, Sr. and Martin Harris. Smith told me of the stones his son Joseph had found and by means of which he could see hidden treasures and many wonderful things. They had formed a society at that time--not a religious society, however. He wanted me to identify myself with the understanding and promise to make me treasurer, in that event. Before entering upon it, I required to be shown the plates of which he spoke, but he said if I saw and handled the plates I would be struck dead. I told him, if this was the case, it was just the kind of death I would want to die. But he would not consent, and thus gave me up.

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