RP recalls that JS approved of SR's speech on apostates, and that JS said Peter hung Judas Iscariot.

Nov 12, 1838 - Nov 29, 1838
Meeting Minutes / Notes
Reed Peck
Scribed Summary

"Minutes and Testimonies, 12–29 November 1838, Copy [State of Missouri v. Gates et al. for Treason]," p. [44-45], The Joseph Smith Papers website, accessed October 20, 2021

Sidney Rigdon, Peter, Judas, Reed Peck, Joseph Smith, Jr.
Fifth Judicial Circuit of MO

the only motives for getting rid of the dissenters in this way as far as I ever learned was that if they remained among the Mormons they would introduce a class there that would utlimately endanger their lives & destroy the church and if they were suffered to go out from among them they would be telling lies on them in the surrounding country, these reasons I gathered from Mr. Rigdons "Salt Sermon" and Mr Rigdon said in the same Sermon that he would assist to erect a gallows on the Square and hang them all, Jos Smith Jr was present and followed Mr Rigdon after he had made the above declaration and said he did not wish to do any thing unlawful, he then spoke of the fate of Judas & said that Peter had hung him (Judas) & said that he approved of Mr Rigdons sermon & called it a good sermon and further this deponent saith not

Reed Peck

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