Periodical says "all the world" was covered at the Flood and God drowned "all the people" on the earth.

Dec 4, 1941
The Latter-day Saints' Millennial Star

"The Rainbow," Millennial Star 103, no. 49 (December 4, 1941): 780

The Latter-day Saints' Millennial Star
The Latter-day Saints' Millennial Star
Latter-day Saints

"Isn't it lovely!" exclaimed Mollie, gazing at the rainbow in the sky. "Just look at the lovely colours! I can see some red, some orange, and there is some yellow, green and blue. Then there is a sort of mauve shade, and some violet on the very inside. I wonder why we have a rainbow?"

Frank thought for a little while, and then he remembered what his Sunday School teacher had once said. This is what he told his sister.

Many years ago there lived a prophet called Noah. He was a very good man, but I am afraid I cannot say the same for the other people who were living at that time, for they were all wicked. They just laughed at Noah when he tried to teach them to do better, and this made God very angry. When the people still wouldn't listen to Noah, God decided to flood the earth and drown all the people who lived upon it. So that Noah could be saved, he was told to build an Ark, which is the name given to a special kind of ship. In this Ark, Noah was told to take his family, and two of every kind of animal. Of course, the people laughed still more when they saw him building a ship on dry land. They didn't have the chance to laugh for long, though, because one day, when the ark was finished, rain began to fall. It rained and it rained, without stopping. Floods began to get bigger and bigger, until all the world was covered with water, and the people drowned. That is, all the people except Noah and his family, because they were safe and dry in the ark.

After that a rainbow appeared in the sky, as a promise from God that He will never again drown the people of the earth by flood. E. M. B.

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