Evans writes of a "universal deluge" at the time of Noah.

Aug 1904
John Henry Evans

John H. Evans, "Seeing, They See Not," Improvement Era 8, no. 10 (August 1904): 760

Improvement Era
John Henry Evans
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Moreover, the restoration of the gospel in the last days is predicted in the Scriptures, and in such a clear manner, too, that he who runs may read. It is certainly not unreasonable to sup- pose that the second coming of Christ will be heralded by a note of warning to all the world, a trumpet call to repentance, a special dispensation of heavenly power and blessing. Nay, if we are to judge by God's dealings with men in the past, such a thing ought to be expected by every devout soul. For, the universal deluge of the earth was preceded by Noah's preaching for a hundred and twenty years, as the first advent of our Lord was announced by the Baptist. Accordingly, the Lord has promised that the baptism of our globe by fire will not come without warning. John tells us that the gospel will be restored, that it will be in the hour of God's judgment, and that it will be by an angel. Isaiah predicts the coming forth of a "book" which shall "speak out of the dust," and points out the signs that will accompany the word—"the deaf shall hear the words of the book, and the eyes of the blind shall see out of obscurity, the poor among men shall rejoice, and many shall rejoice in the Holy One of Israel."

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