Jenna Platt in Daily Universe article: donations from local members, not only tithing, used in cost of Newport Beach Temple.

Apr 28, 2005
Jenna Platt

Jenna Platt, "LDS temple to be dedicated in California," The Daily Universe, April 28, 2005, accessed September 23, 2021

Daily Universe
Jenna Platt, Gordon B. Hinckley
Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

The announcement of the temple dedication in Newport Beach, Calif. has brought great news to the saints in the area.

Local residents have shared their excitement about seeing the building of a new temple in their area, as well as concern of having a temple so close.

I use to live at least an hour from the closest temple, said Kathleen Dunn, a junior, from Yorba Linda, Calif., majoring in business. Now I live so close to the Newport Beach temple that I have been able to see it in its many building stages.

Jana Hick, a senior, from Laguna Hills, Calif., majoring in nursing, agreed with Dunn about the joy of having a temple so close.

Its so fun to drive on the freeway and have the temple be so close to my house instead of over an hour away, she said.

The Newport Beach temple has its own special story.

Tithing has paid for all other temples, but members of the LDS Church in the surrounding areas were asked to make a special donation for the temple.

Families in our stake were asked to contribute a generous amount in addition to our tithing, Dunn said.

In addition to the temple being paid for by local members, several other changes were made that make this temple unique.

The color is not the traditional vibrant white, but more of a neutral color, the style of the build makes it look like a mission, and the steeple is shorter.

These changes were necessary because the temple was built in a residential area.

On Aug. 28 there will be a special celebration for the dedication of the Newport Beach temple. The youth in the area have been practicing a dance for months that will be performed. The Prophet of the Church, Gordon B. Hinckley will also be in attendance.

While excited about the new temple, Karie Porterfield, 44, who was raised in the Newport Beach area, is a bit sad because she grew up going to the Los Angeles temple.

Porterfield said she remembers when she was young and seeing busloads of people coming to the Los Angeles temple from all over. It was almost like, a bit of heaven.

Going to the Los Angeles temple as a kid became about more than just doing baptisms, but rather a relationship building experience for Porterfield.

It was almost comical; you would just go to the temple one day and see a friend that lived three hours away, I just loved that, Porterfield said.

Porterfield also expressed her excitement because it now gives those around the temple a chance to attend more frequently. When the closest temple was located more than an hour away it was hard to find people to look after their children.

Many of the workers from the Los Angeles and San Diego temples will be relocating to the Newport Beach temple.

With many new temples being built, the chance for missionary work has increased. Nonmembers are able to see the temple structures, go to the open house, and ask questions.

Usually temples are closed to those who are not members of the LDS Church, but the open house gives an opportunity for those to attend and see inside the temple.

The open house for the Newport Beach temple will begin July 23 and go through Aug. 20 with the actual dedication on Aug. 28.

Having a temple open house is not like it is in Utah, where everyone knows everyone, it is a great conversation starter with friends and an opportunity to share the gospel, Porterfield said.

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