J. C. Chrestensen recalls Emma Hale Smith denying that Joseph practiced polygamy.

Oct 23, 1918
J. C. Chrestensen
Scribed Verbatim

J. C. Chrestensen, "A Vision and a Testimony," Saints' Herald 65, no. 43 (October 23, 1918): 1044–1045

The Saints' Herald
Lewis Bidamon, Brigham Young, Emma Hale Smith, William Clayton, Orson Pratt, J. C. Chrestensen, Joseph Smith, Jr.
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With unshaken faith in God I undertook the journey from Omaha to Nauvoo, Illinois, on foot (four hundred miles, more or less), and landed there on the eleventh day of September, 1872. I inquired for Mrs. Emma Smith, but wasinformeithat she was now the wife of a Mr. L. C. Bidamon. I located their dwelling place and found them at home, introduced myself, told Sister Emma Smith Bidamon the object of my mission, and in a kind, loving way, she consented to being questioned. She set a chair just in front of them and invited me to occupy. Mr. Bidamon sat to the left of meand Sister Ema to the right. My questions to her ran follows:

"Sister Emma, were you at one time the wife of the Prophet?"

"Yes, sir."

"Is it not a fact that he had other wives besides you?"

"No, sir; I was his only wife, to my knowing during his lifetime."

"Could he not have had other wives without you knowing it?"

"No, sir; no one had a better chance and way of knowing this than myself."

"Sister Emma, is it not a fact that Joseph Smith received a revelation favoring polygamy and spiritual wifery?"

"No, sir; there was no revelation given through him on either spiritual wifery or polygamy. Nor was that abominable doctrine taught either privately or publicly before Mr. Smith's death."

"How about Brigham Young's statement to the contrary—that Joseph Smith did receive the polygamy and Adam–god revelation, and that he presented it to you by the hand of a Mr. Clayton, and that after reading it you got mad, tore it up, and burned it?"

"That is a base falsehood made out of whole cloth."

"Have you ever seen and read that feigned and assumed revelation on polygamy?"

"Yes, sir."

"When and where did you first see and read that polygamy revelation?"

"Right here in Nauvoo in the year 1853, published in Washington, District of Columbia, in a paper called The Seer, by Orson Pratt."

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