Maria Jane Johnston Woodward recalls private conversation with Emma; says Emma affirmed plural marriage was a true principle but felt jealous over it.

Maria Jane Johnston Woodward

Maria Jane Woodward, "Statement of Sister Maria Jane Woodward," 1902, MS 1325, Church History Library

Maria Jane Johnston Woodward
Emma Hale Smith, George H. Brimhall, Maria Jane Johnston Woodward, Joseph Smith, Jr.
George H. Brimhall

...the next morning I was up stairs making beds and Emma came to me and said, "It was you that Joseph came to when he sent from Hyrum last night was it?" I said, "Yes Ma'am." Then she told me to sit down on the bed by her and we both sat down on the bed that I was making. She looked very sad and cast down, and there she said to me, "The principle of plural marriage is right, but I am like other women, I am naturally jealous hearted and can talk back to Joseph as long as any wife can talk back to her husband, but what I want to say to you is this. You heard me finding fault with the principle. I want to say that that principle is right, it is from our Father in Heaven," and then she spoke of her jealousy. Then she continued, "What I said I have got to repent of. The principle is right but I am jealous hearted. Now never tell anybody that you heard me find fault with Joseph of that principle. The principle is right and if I or you or anyone else finds fault with that principle we have got to humble ourselves and repent of it. I do not know why it is that Brother Hyrum holds such a controlling power over my spirit but when he comes to me and speaks to me I am melted to tears and I cannot talk back to him."

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