Lipscomb offers and English translation of ancient Armenian Christian Adam traditions in his Ph.D. Dissertation that comments on Genesis 4:15 mention of the "mark" or "sign" of Cain.

Academic / Technical Report
William Lowdnes Lipscomb

W. Lowndes Lipscomb, "The Armenian Apocryphal Adam Literature," Ph.D. Dissertation, Columbia University, 1983, 165–167

Columbia University
Unknown, William Lowdnes Lipscomb
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35. And he said impudently, "Who made me his guardian, that you should ask it of me?"

36. Because of this God asked him; perhaps he might repent. 37. When the Lord saw that Cain spoke thus , he became angry at Cain and gave Cain seven punishments.

38. (1) The first punishment was this; that two horns sprouted upon his head.

39. (2) The second punishment was this; that the one horn cried out and said in a loud voice, "Cain is a brother-murderer. "

40. <Then> mountain and rock and valley cried out and said, "Cain is a brother-murderer."

41. (3) The third punishment was this: that with his feet and hands and every single limb he shuddered like a yew tree.

42. (4) The fourth punishment was this: that no matter how much he ate, he was not satisfied.

43. (5) The fifth punishment was this: that his heart would desire something, but he could not eat it, and when he tried to eat it, it would fall to the ground.

44. (6) The sixth punishment was this: that he could not sleep, either at night or during the day.

45. (7) The seventh punishment was this: that God did not allow him to die, rather the Lord said, "Whoever kills Cain, his punishment will fall upon the murderer."

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