Deseret Evening News reports that Martin Harris bore his testimony of the BOM at General Conference.

Oct 10, 1870
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Deseret Evening News
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"Fortieth Semi-Annual Conference," Deseret Evening News 3, no. 272 (October 10, 1870): 2

Deseret Evening News
Brigham Young, Martin Harris, George Q. Cannon, George A. Smith, Deseret Evening News
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MR. MARTIN HARRIS, one of the three witnesses to the Book of Mormon, arose and bore testimony to its divine authenticity.

President George A. Smith spoke a short time: he said it is remarkable to have the testimony of Martin Harris. The Book of Mormon, however, carries evidence with it. The promise has been fulfilled that those who do the will of God should know of the doctrine that it is true; thus the Book of Mormon has thousands of witnesses. He bore a powerful testimony to the truth of the latter-day work.

Elder GEORGE Q. CANNON read the testimony of the witnesses of the Book of Mormon as published on the first page of that book.

PRESIDENT BRIGHAM YOUNG gave a brief account of the manner in which the witnesses of the Book of Mormon left the Church. He related circumstances showing that none of those witnesses had ever denied their testimony. He bore testimony that Joseph Smith was as great a prophet, as true and faithful, and as good a man—Jesus excepted, as ever lived.

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