William Waddoups recalls Martin Harris bearing his testimony of the BOM.

Apr 20, 1918
William Waddoups
2nd Hand

William Waddoups, Statement, April 20, 1918, rep. “Martin Harris and the Book of Mormon,” Improvement Era 26, no. 11 (September 1923): 980

William Waddoups
Edward Stevenson, Martin Harris, Joseph McMurrin, Richard R. Lyman, Alma Merrill, Anson Call, William Waddoups
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[The following is a statement of William Waddoups, second counselor to Alma Merrill, President of the Benson stake, made at the April conference of the Benson stake at Lewiston, Utah, and also at the grave of Martin Harris, Clarkston, Utah, Saturday, April 20, 1918. Present as visitors at the conference who heard the statement were Elder Richard R. Lyman, of the Council of the Twelve, and President Joseph W. McMurrin, of the First Council of Seventy, the latter at the time making a stirring address on the labors performed by Martin Harris. — Editors.]

Edward Stevenson was sent back East to get Martin Harris. One week after the arrival of Edward Stevenson with Martin Harris, in Salt Lake City, Elder Anson Call asked me if I desired to see and meet Martin Harris. I went to Salt Lake City where I found Brother Anson Call and he introduced me to Martin Harris.

To me Martin Harris said: “Sit down on that couch.” I sat on the couch as instructed, while Martin Harris stood on the opposite side of the room. Martin Harris then spoke to me as follows:

“Young man, I had the privilege of being with the Prophet Joseph Smith, and with these eyes of mine,” pointing to his eyes, “I saw the angel of the Lord, and I saw the plates and the Urim and Thummim and the sword of Laban, and with these ears,” pointing to his ears, “I heard the voice of the angel, and with these hands,” holding out his hands, “I handled the plates containing the record of the Book of Mormon, and I assisted the Prophet in the translation thereof. I bear witness that this testimony is true.”

Martin Harris was at that time but a combination of bones and skin. He was extremely thin. Holding out his hands he said:

“When I was faithful in the Church I was a fleshy, healthy, robust man, and what you see left of me is the fruits of apostasy. Young man, always be faithful and obedient to the presiding priesthood, and you will always be safe.”

(Signed) William Waddoups.

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