Henry Moon recounts his interview with David Whitmer, who reaffirmed his testimony to Moon and John Lefler.

Mar 7, 1872
Henry Moon
2nd Hand

Henry Moon, Letter to Joseph F. Smith, March 7, 1872, MS 1325, Church History Library

Henry Moon
David Whitmer, Joseph Smith, Jr., John Lefler, Henry Moon
Joseph F. Smith

Farmington March 7th 1872

Br Joseph F. Smith

Dear Br

I hope you will forgive me for not writing sooner to you I expected to see you on Saturday last but could not very well come to the city before now On the 9th day of Jan 1872 I went to Richmond Ray Co. Missouri from Caldwell Co. in Company with Mr John Lefler he being very anxious to hear the Testimony of David Whitmer for himself In the evening of the 9th of Jan we had the Priviledge of seeing and hearing his Testimony I told Mr. Whitmer I was from Utah and the gentleman with me was from Hamilton Caldwell Co. and we would like to have a little conversation with him if it was convenient for him He said he had not time to talk that Evening perhaps he might in the Morning said his son was sick and he was a poor man and must go and see about his horses (He keeps a large livery stable) he put on his hat and went off of the House We followed him in the street and I told him that the gentleman with me had come to hear what he had to say with regard to the Book of Mormon I told Mr. Whitmer I had been reading the Testimony of the Witnesses to Mr. Lefler and as soon as Mr. Lefler found out that one of the Witnesses was living at Richmond he was anxious to hear one for himself Now Mr. Whitmer here is the gentleman what have you to say to him Mr Whitmer turned towards Mr. Lefler and said well God Almighty requires at my hand to bear Testimony to the truth of the Book of Mormon It is the pure Gospel of Jesus Christ Translated from the Plates By the gift and Power of God by Joseph Smith it contains the pure Gospel of Christ as he taught it to his Disciples on this Continent I know I tell the truth then he turned to me and began to say we in the Valley had done a good many things he could not sanction . . .

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