William Pilkington swears affidavit saying he heard Martin Harris bear his testimony of the Book of Mormon and recount seeing the angel.

May 19, 1934
William Pilkington
2nd Hand

William Pilkington, Affidavit, May 19, 1934, MS 27368, Church History Library

William Pilkington
Martin Harris, William Pilkington, David Whitmer, Joseph Smith, Jr., Oliver Cowdery

A dying testimony Given by Martin Harris to William Pilkington, Given July 9, 1875.

My dear brethren and sisters: I am sure pleased to be hear on this suspicious occasion. I first became acquainted with Martin Harris in the fall of 1874 in the early part of October, when I was fourteen years of age I was hired out to work and live in the Martin family for one year. They then lived in Smithfield, Cache County, Utah. They moved accrossed the valley to Clarkston in the fall of 1874. On the 9th day of July 1875 while he was dying (as he died the next day the 10th day of July 1875) I held up his right hand while he bore the following testimony.

I did go in the woods with Joseph Smith, Oliver Cowdery, AND David Whitmer and behold an angel decended from heaven in a dazsling light of glory, and stood about two feet from the ground. I saw the gold plates. I saw him turn the leaves over one by one. I saw the Urim and Thummimn, the brest plate and the Sword of Labon. After the angel had delivered his message, I saw him ascend up into heaven, and I heard the voice of God in the midst of the dazzling light declair that the Book of Mormon was translated correct, and I was commanded by God's voice to testify to all the world what I had seen and heard. I cried out in my ecstasy "Tis enough, tis enough. Mine eyes have beheld the glories of God. Hossannah to God and the Lamb." Jumping up I praise the Lord."

Brethren and Sisters I thank you for your kind attention, and I do it in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

This testimony is just as I read it at the pilgrimage of the Aronic Priesthood at the grave of Martin Harris in the Clarkston Cemetary on the 19th day of May 1934.

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