Martin Harris reaffirms his testimony as a BoM witness; says an angel showed him the plates.

Nov 23, 1870
Martin Harris

Martin Harris, Letter to H. B. Emerson, November 23, 1870, rep. Saints' Herald 22, no. 20 (October 15, 1875): 630

Martin Harris, The Saints' Herald
Martin Harris, H. B. Emerson, Charles Anthon, Joseph Smith, Jr.
H. B. Emerson

Smithfield, Utah, Nov. 23, 1870

Mr. Emerson, Sir:—I received your favor. In reply I will say concerning the plates, I do say that the angel did show to me the plates containing the Book of Mormon. Further, the translation that I carried to Prof. Anthon was copied from these same plates; also, that the Professor did testify to it being a correct translation. I do firmly believe and do know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God; for without I know he could not had that gift; neither could he have translated the same. I can give if you require it one hundred witnesses to the proof of the Book of Mormon. I defy any man to show me any passage of Scripture that I am not posted on or familiar with. I will answer any question you feel like asking to the best of my knowledge, if you can rely on my testimony of the same. In conclusion, I can say that I arrived in Utah safe, in good health and spirits, considering the long journey. I am quite well at present and have been, generally speaking, since I arrived.

With many respects I remain your humble friend,


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