Obituary for Martin Harris mentions that he maintained his testimony to his dying day and was buried with a copy of the Book of Mormon.

Jul 17, 1875
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Deseret Evening News

"Martin Harris," Deseret Evening News 8, no. 200 (July 17, 1875): [3]

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Martin Harris, who departed this life on the 10th inst., was, in a very peculiar manner, a man highly favored of God—a man favored with beholding an angel from heaven in his glory, holding in his hands ancient sacred records on plates of gold.

. . .

Mr. Harris, a few years ago, emigrated to Utah, and like all other emigrating Saints, he, in this territory, renewed his covenants by re-baptism; and also went into the font and was baptized for and in behalf of many of his kindred who were dead.

He located in Cache Co., and continued to bear a faithful testimony to the divinity of the Book of Mormon up to his last moments. Being nearly 93 years of age, it may truly be said he fell asleep of old age. A few hours before his death, when prostrated with great weakness, Bishop Simon Smith came in, Mr. Harris stretched forth his hands to salute him, and said, "Bishop, I am going." His son says—"The Bishop told father that he had something of importance to tell him, in relation to the publishing of the Book of Mormon in the Spanish language, by the request of the Indians in Central America. Upon learning this, father brightened up, and his pulsation improved, and although very weak, he began to talk as he formerly had done previous to his sickness, and I think that he spoke about two hours, so that you may see by this that the mere mention of the Book of Mormon, seemed to put new life into him."


His son writes—"We had a good attendance and a large turn out for a small town like Clarkston. Every respect that could be paid to him was manifested by the people * * * * "We put the Book of Mormon in his right hand, and the Book of Covenants in his left hand. We had a very good coffin, and finished very nicely. We inscribed on the head board the following:

"'His name, and birth, and age, and place of birth, and also his death, with the words—

"'One of the three Witnesses of the Book of Mormon,' also their Testimony.

"There were 16 teams or wagons, well filled with the people, who entertained a kind regard for old brother Martin."

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