Comfort Elizabeth Godfrey Flinders recalls hearing Martin Harris say he "plainly" saw the plates and angels to a group of inquisitive boys.

Sep 2, 1943
Comfort Elizabeth Godfrey Flinders
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Comfort Elizabeth Godfrey Flinders, "Testimony of Martin Harris," September 2, 1943, in N. B. Lundwall, comp., Assorted Gems of Priceless Value (Salt Lake City, UT: N. B. Lundwall, 1944), 351

N. B. Lundwall
Martin Harris, Comfort Elizabeth Godfrey Flinders
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I was living at my father's home in Clarkston, Utah, at the time of the death of Martin Harris, who lived there with his son a year or two before he died. Every one in the town knew Martin Harris and all were anxious to know about what he saw about the golden plates from which the Book of Mormon was translated. The following incident occurred at my father's home: Half a dozen boys were discussing the testimony of Martin Harris who was seen coming up the street towards them. Upon seeing him one of them said: “Here comes the old man now; let's ask him if he really saw the plates." Upon arriving at the point where the boys were they asked him the question: "Did you really see the plates?" He said: "Can you see that chopping block?" (upon which some of the boys were sitting). "Yes," replied the boys. "Well, just as plain as you see that chopping block, I saw the plates and sooner than I would deny it I would lay my head upon that chopping block and let you chop it off."

I helped trim and prepare his coffin for his burial. All coffins were made in those days of red pine. When laid away for burial, he had the Bible in one hand and the Book of Mormon in the other. He looked as though he were still bearing his testimony concerning the Book of Mormon. He was a familiar figure on the streets of Clarkston as he was continually being interviewed and I have seen him very frequently bearing his testimony.

This testimony was dictated to the Compler of this book on September 2, 1943, at 17 Ogden Ave., Ogden, Utah, by Sister Comfort E. Godfrey Flinders, who was born in Salt Lake City on January 13, 1861.

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