John P. Greene relates incident where David Whitmer was threatened by a mob if he didn't deny the Book of Mormon; says Whitmer refused to deny his testimony.

John Portineus Greene
2nd Hand

John P. Greene, Facts Relative to the Expulsion of the Mormons or Latter Day Saints, from the State of Missouri (Cincinnati, OH: R. P. Brooks, 1839), 17

R. P. Brooks
John Portineus Greene, David Whitmer, Isaac Morley
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The following statements of facts are made by me with a strong assurance of their correctness. Of many of the events described I was personally a witness ; and the accounts of others I have received from men who were engaged in them, and in whose veracity I put entire confidence. Under oath, I should willingly declare, that to the best of my knowledge these notes contain the truth, and nothing but the truth.



On Tuesday, when the mob again assembled, they went to the houses of several of the leading; Mormons; and, taking Isaac Morley, David Whitmer, and others, they told them to bid their families farewell, for they would never see them again. Then driving them at the point of the bayonet to the public square, they stripped and tarred and feathered them, amidst menaces and insults. The commanding officer then called twelve of his men, and ordering them to cock their guns and present them at the prisoners' breasts, and to be ready to fire when he gave the word,—he addressed the prisoners, threatening them with instant death, unless they denied the book of Mormon and confessed it to be a fraud; at the same time adding, that if they did so, they might enjoy the privileges of citizens. David Whitmer, hereupon, lifted up his hands and bore witness that the Book of Mormon was the Word of God. The mob then let them go.

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