David Whitmer tells James Seymour in a letter that he reaffirms his printed testimony.

Dec 8, 1875
David Whitmer

David Whitmer, Letter to James N. Seymour, December 8, 1875, in The Saints' Herald 26, no. 14 (July 15, 1879): 222–223

The Saints' Herald
James N. Seymour, David Whitmer
James N. Seymour, Reading Public

"Your letter of enquiry at hand. You have heard that I am a witness to the origin of the Book of Mormon. As you read my testimony given many years ago, so it stands as my own existence; the same as when I gave it, and so shall stand throughout the cycles of eternity. Read the book, believe and follow its commandments; turn your soul to Christ, the Prophet, Priest and King of his Church; which no other can usurp. Have charity for the oversights of sectarianism; but as a seeker of truth dip not into their deceptions and worldliness. As to Spiritualism, have fear, lest the fate of Saul shall come upon thee; and hell's arch minister have dominion over thy Christian aims. The world is full of his snares, and none so great as Spiritualism. The Church of Jesus Christ is the only true cognomen of a Christian. Be patient and remember signs follow only those that believe. Salt Lake Mormonism is the faith perverted, and most shamefully, and the Book of Mormon condemns them in all their infernal sensual ceremonies. Be thy directors the stick of Judah, the Bible as received by the Gentiles, and the stick of Joseph, the Book of Mormon, translated by the all-seeing agency of the Almighty Father, through the mercies of the Savior. May peace drawn from heaven by thy faith, follow thee through the lances of life and support thee over the dark river to thy eternal home, prepared to meet thy Savior a once man of sorrow and acquainted with woes, now the eternal judge of all the earth. In answer to a seeker of truth, dictated by David Whitmer, handwriting of his grandson, Geo. W. Schweich."

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