George Edward Anderson records Philander Page's remarks about Three Witnesses.

May 10, 1907
Personal Journal / Diary
George Edward Anderson
2nd Hand

George Edward Anderson, Journal, May 10, 1907, 27, MS 8795, Church History Library

John C. Whitmer, Jacob Whitmer, George Edward Anderson, George W. Schweich, David Whitmer, Philander Page, Oliver Cowdery, Julia Schweich, Hiram Page
George Edward Anderson

May 10 1907

Monument of David Whitmer

West side has Bible & Book of Mormon <on top>

"The Record of the Jews and the Record of the Nephites are one"

Truth is Eternal

Father & Mother Whitmer

North Side

Julia A Whitmer

Died Feb 25 1889

Aged 74 yrs. 18 days.

Mat 10th 1907

Philander A. Page <elder> who gave me the above signature said was present at the death bed of Oliver Cowdery and his father <Hiram Page> was nurse. Oliver conversed with the Brethren and reafirmed his testimony to the Book of Mormon and to be faithfull to their testimony he ashed to be raised up to bid farewell to his wife and daughter and now lay [illegible] <lay my head down> and let me breath my last on Jesus Breast.

Was also present at the death bed of David Whitmer 3 or 4 <Brethren> present <Julia Schweich & David Whitmer> his children & his wife <Julia Ann> grand <daughter> Josephine Van Cleave & grandson Geo. Schweich, & his son, now school teacher sent for Dr. Buckmare and ask if he was of sound mind as he wish to reaffirm his testimony of the Book of Mormon. The Dr. said he was perfectly rational

He reaffirmed his testimony to those present and counseled them to be faithful to their testimony <of the Book of Mormon> and the cause of Christ & to the witnesses testimony of the Book of Mormon

Bro Page was also present at the death bed of the following 8 Wittnesses with John Whitmer during his last sickness about a week, was firm to his testimony of the B. of M and it was frequently refered to during his last illness.

John Whitmer sent for Bro. Page <Elder> John C. Whitmer & John Short he died at Far West Caldwell Co. Jacob Whitmer of the 8 witnesses at Richmond, was firm to his testimony See, Picture of monument in Old Cemetary.

Hiram Page died <about> 15 miles west of Richmond a place near what is now known as Excelsion Springs Father of Philander Page + (he died in 1851) never faltered in his testimony about the plates and the characters often related to Philander when they had seen and passed thro men about about David Whitmer as related <to me B. P. A. Page> as <he closed his eyes> in death he opened his eyes and smiled as tho he met some one this was related 3 times made view of David Whitmer Tomb

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