Alexander Campbell accuses the Book of Mormon witnesses of being dishonest.

Alexander Campbell

Alexander Campbell, "Delusions," Millennial Harbinger 2, no. 2 (February 7, 1831): 95–96

Alexander Campbell
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Its external evidences are also the subscriptions of four Whitmers, three Smiths, and one Page, the relatives and connexions of Joseph Smith, junior. And these "men handled as many of the brazen or golden leaves as the said Smith translated." So did I. But Smith has got the plates of which hath been spoken. Let him shew them. Their certificate proves nothing, save that Smith wrote it, and they signed it. But Smith himself gives testimony himself. There is one who says: "If I bear testimony of myself, my testimony ought not to be regarded."

If this prophet and his three prophetic witnesses had aught of speciosity about them or their book, we would have examined it and exposed it in a different manner. I have never felt myself so fully authorized to address mortal man in the style in which Paul addressed Elymas the sorcerer as I feel towards this Atheist Smith. His three witnesses, I am credibly informed, on one of their horse-swapping and prophetic excusions in the Sandusky country, having bartered their horses three times for once preaching, represented Walter Scott and myself as employed in translating these plates, and as believers in the book of Mormon.

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