David Marks reports meeting the BOM witnesses in 1830, who affirmed they had seen an angel and the plates.

David Marks
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David Marks, The Life of David Marks, To the 26th year of his age (Limerick, ME: n.p., 1831), 340–341

David Marks
David Marks, Three Witnesses, Eight Witnesses, Peter Whitmer, Sr., Joseph Smith, Jr.
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During the week following, I journeyed about one hundred and fifty miles, and suffered much from a tedious storm. Sabbath, March 28, I preached twice to a small assembly in Geneva. Next day, we attended a meeting in Fayette, and tarried at the house of Mr. Whitmer. Here we saw two or three of his sons, and others to the number of eight, who said they were witnesses of a certain book just published, called the "Golden Bible," or "Book of Mormon." They affirmed, that an angel had shown them certain plates of metal, having the appearance of gold, that were dug out of the ground by one Joseph Smith; that on these plates was written a history of the ten tribes of Israel which were lost, and revelations to different prophets that arose among them. They stated the writing could be read by no person, except by the said Smith; and, that the Lord had inspired him to translate and publish the book,—that none, but the twelve chosen witnesses, had been allowed to see these plates, and that now they were "hid up unto the Lord." They further stated, that twelve apostles were to be appointed, who would soon confirm their mission by miracles—and, that if any one read their bible and did not believe, they would be given up and lost for ever. These eight, we understood, were in company with Smith and three others. A copy right was secured by Smith in his own name. The book contains about six hundred octavo pages of small print. Five thousand copies were published—and they said the angel told Smith to sell the book at a price which was one dollar and eight cents per copy more than the cost, that they "might have the temporal profit, as well as the spiritual."

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