Brigham recalls hearing Oliver Cowdery testify of the Book of Mormon.

Speech / Court Transcript
Brigham Young
2nd Hand

Brigham Young, "Divine Government," June 27, 1858, in Journal of Discourses, 26 vols. (Liverpool: Amasa Lyman, 1860), 7:55

George D. Watt
Brigham Young, Oliver Cowdery
Latter-day Saints, Reading Public

We see men and women leaving this people—this community. Are their judgments convinced that “Mormonism” is not true? No; for they know that it is true. What did Oliver Cowdery (one of three witnesses to the Book of Mormon) say, after he had been away from the Church years and years? He saw and conversed with the angel, who showed him the plates, and he handled them. He left the Church because he lost the love of the truth; and after he had traveled alone for years, a gentleman walked into his law office and said to him, “Mr. Cowdery, what do you think of the Book of Mormon now? Do you believe that it is true?” He replied, “No, sir, I do not.” “Well,” said the gentleman, “I thought as much; for I concluded that you had seen the folly of your ways and had resolved to renounce what you once declared to be true.” “Sir, you mistake me: I do not believe that the Book of Mormon is true; I am past belief on that point, for I KNOW that it is true, as well as I know that you now sit before me.” “Do you still testify that you saw an angel?” “Yes, as much as I see you now; and I know the Book of Mormon to be true.” Yet he forsook it. Every honest person who has fairly heard it knows that “Mormonism” is true, if they have had the testimony of it: but to practice it in our lives is another thing.

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