Charles Derry recalls hearing Martin Harris say he "put his name" to the witness statement in the BOM.

Apr 1, 1876
Charles Derry
2nd Hand

Charles Derry, Letter to True Latter Day Saints’ Herald, rep. in W. W. B., “‘Mormonism’ Reviewed,” True Latter Day Saints’ Herald 23, no. 7 (April 1, 1876): 198

The True Latter Day Saints' Herald
Brigham Young, Martin Harris, Charles Derry, Anna Stokes
The True Latter Day Saints' Herald

"In the Herald of Oct. 15th, I find a communication from Martin Harris, one of the three witnesses to the Book of Mormon, in which he declares that he did not go to England to lecture against Mormonism. That declaration is true; but it may be interesting to know what he went there for. Not having a Millenial Star by me of that date, I cannot tell exactly the time, but think it was in 1846. My first wife, (then Anna Stokes), told me that she saw him in Birmingham, in the Saint’s Meeting House. He had gone there from this land to oppose the pretentions of Brigham Young and the Twelve, who were then laying the foundations for polygamy. A young man of her acquaintance, in the presence of the assembly, presented to him his testimony with his name in connection with the other two witnesses names, and asked him if that was his name. Martin replied, 'It is.' 'Did you put your name to that testimony?' Martin answered, 'I did; and that Book of Mormon is the Book of God. I know more about that book than any man living.'

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